The team at MGI works with you to ensure that your business plan articulates your business growth strategies and can be used as the basis for debt and/or capital raising.

We also help our clients optimise the operational performance of their growing business with processes such as budgets and forecasts, restructuring to avoid costly risk and tax implications and enhancing reporting systems.

Many businesses now look to experienced external professionals to provide strategic input and vision for their growing business in the capacity of an Advisory Board. As owners of our own business and with valuable experience across different industries, the Directors of MGI are perfectly positioned to provide the independent advice and objectivity you might require.

We present straightforward and practical advice for the appropriate growth strategy – whether it is organic growth, growth through acquisition or growth through merger.

Our Services

  • Advisory Participation
  • Budgets and Forceasts
  • Tax Planning and Structuring
  • Reporting Systems
  • Renumeration Packaging

How we can help

Develop a business plan

We'll help you develop a business plan to guide your business to future success.

Assess the best avenue for your funding needs

We’ll provide an independent assessment of the various funding options available and the best option for you.

Renumeration negotiations

We can assist in creating legally compliant renumeration and shareholding structures.

Identify opportunities to maximise profit and business value

We’ll work with you to identify the top opportunities to grow the profitability and value of your business.

Collaboration leads to great results. The monthly meetings allow us to see opportunities and capitalise on them, to make this business even better.

Simon Timms, Radical Torque Solutions

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Director - Business Services

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Angela Robins

Director - Business Services

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Nick Hill

Director - Business Services

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