Two Proven Strategies to Increase Sales

03/10/17 - Growth

In my work dealing with business owners, I’m often asked how to increase sales. Often, lifting sales can be viewed as too daunting, particularly if your current sales are already significant. I think this is because people don’t often break sales down into its component parts. Invariably I focus on two simple, yet effective processes for breaking the sales process down into manageable chunks.

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Funding options available for innovative businesses

06/10/16 - Financial Performance, Growth, Innovation

The Federal Government has indicated that they are very keen to support innovative businesses. There are a number of funding options available by way of government grants for businesses that can meet the Government qualification requirements.

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Know your change potential

06/10/16 - Growth, Innovation

Why is it that some businesses seem to be able to constantly reinvent themselves while others get left behind? Read about what characteristics can make a business more or less able to adapt to change.

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Key lessons for business owners from the Dick Smith saga

06/10/16 - Financial Performance, Growth

The recent collapse of the Dick Smith chain highlights the fact that no business is immune from potential catastrophe. But it begs the obvious question – how can a company as big as this and turning over $1.3 billion – a listed company – fail? No doubt we'll hear more in the months ahead as the receivers get to work. However, the lessons are the same for every business - from the corner store, to family businesses, to listed companies.

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