Passion and perseverance

How MGI helped Gluttony pivot with the challenges and moving parts of running an event in a COVID-19 environment.

The client

For Fringe lovers the many performances, food, drink, and experiences at ‘Gluttony’ leave lasting, positive memories. For Gluttony Director/Owner Daniel Michael and his business partner Elena Kirshbaum, that has been the key motivator behind the many risks taken to create the now world-renowned venue, boasting 100 + fringe acts per season. What started as a food and drink festival in 2010, hence the name, has now evolved to a unique experience that attracts people from all over the world. The early years of Gluttony were definitely not a success, but it was through ‘trial and error’ that Daniel has driven it to the success it is today.  Daniel recalls the years of loss making, multiple partners and getting the right mix in place for the business to make a positive turn in 2014. He says it was acknowledging what went wrong, along with sheer perseverance, that saw the business transform into producing some of the most sophisticated and challenging performances of the Fringe. In 2020/21 Gluttony sold its highest number of tickets – a milestone that Daniel and his business partner for many years Elena, are very proud of.

The challenge

Developing business plans to be future ready has not been an easy task, particularly amongst COVID, but the team have focused on organic growth, and creating trusted partnerships that reward collaborative effort. Amongst those partnerships is the one shared with MGI Adelaide. Partner Nick Hill and Samuel Belperio have been an integral part of the decision making and business planning that has really positioned Gluttony for year-on-year success. Daniel says MGI’s understanding of their needs, together with their shared passion and perseverance, makes them the perfect fit With only a few full-time staff, running a successful business, attracting the best talent, and creating the right future positioning for Gluttony has always been a challenge but one that Daniel, together with the MGI s team now have well under control.

How we helped

2021 required a particular focus on creating a business plan that could pivot with the challenges and moving parts of running an event in a COVID-19 environment. Nick and Samuel ‘war gamed’ possible COVID situations, working through shutdowns at different points of the Fringe and potential changes to crowd limits. MGI were able to help Daniel and his team to have the right discussions with their extended suppliers and agree on realistic payment plans, with the actual execution and outcomes being very positive. Daniel says MGI intrinsically understands their business and approaches any request with flexibility and a can-do attitude to create the best outcome. He quips that if MGI was in control of the situation during the early years of ‘Gluttony’, they would not have advised him to continue.
“We have the perfect partner in MGI” I can ring them at any time and Nick is always ready to answer even the simple queries. Their support for the business has always been fantastic… Nick is always available and, on our side, – doing research into tackling some of our unique problems.” – Daniel Michael

The outcome

With a tried and tested business philosophy of “measured and slow” rather than “fast”, Daniel and his team are not looking for instant financial success. It is a kind of business where decisions are not all about money but are about attracting like-minded people, who want to share success, each bringing the right knowledge and attitude with them. Daniel is confident that with continued support from MGI his business decisions will be backed by the right research and advice, which for him is a recipe for future success.

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How MGI helped Gluttony pivot with the challenges and moving parts of running an event in a COVID-19 environment.

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