Radical Torque Solutions

Radical Solutions Delivered

How MGI helped grow this business into a global provider of torque solutions.

The client

Radical Torque Solutions is a family-owned company founded in 2008 by Simon and Janine Timms that strives to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment. Originally, Radical Torque Solutions operated as a distributor for RAD Torque and worked alongside major industries such as mining, gas, rail and maritime.

However, the company in now focused on developing manual torque tools and manual torque calibration equipment for smaller and more local industries.

The challenge

Since day one, the main challenge at Radical Torque Solutions has been growing the business steadily from a backyard operation to an essential service provider for torque tool operators in the Southern Hemisphere. As this growth has taken them into new global markets and seen the creation of new business models, Simon and Janine have come to rely on the guidance and expertise of MGI Adelaide to ensure their business stays on track.

How we helped

MGI Adelaide director, Rob Lanzilli has guided Radical Torque’s rapid development from the very beginning, praising the business’ perseverance and ‘good old-fashioned hard work’. Rob has been meeting with Simon and Janine once a month for 10 years and these meetings have helped the business grow its team, its product range, its industry offerings, and its office locations.

“To see what they’ve been able to achieve over 10 years is pretty special. And these guys are far from finishing their story. There’s a lot to come from Radical Torque.”

– Rob Lanzilli, MGI Adelaide

The outcome

Whilst working with MGI Adelaide, Radical Torque Solutions have been able to realise their goal of becoming the number one supplier of torque tools and controlled bolting equipment in Australia and South East Asia. With offices in SA, NSW, QLD and bow Bangkok, Thailand, Simon and Janine’s team of professionals continues to provide the best products and highest level of service to their customers.

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